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Conclusion , no matter how strange it sounds, is definitely the main element of a good and successful essay.

Despite the fact that the conclusion is written at the end of the work, it should not be considered as a consequence of the last act.

The last paragraph is  your last chance to impress the audience and convince all the listeners  in your allegations. That’s why the format of the conclusion must be consistent and rigid.

You should perceive  the conclusion of the essay, paradoxically, not as a completion, but as a second introduction, since this particular part of the essay actually contains many similar  moments as the introduction has. One significant difference is the volume – four sentences should be enough to write a good and close conclusion. The introduction usually exceeds the size of the four sentences.

An effective conclusion should also contain certain recurrence from the introduction and the main part. If in the introduction you used the method of “hook”, intrigued the listeners, then such an appointment should be taken in conclusion. Repeat your initial thesis to remind listeners of the main idea, but don’t forget to reduce them.

This should be the fourth or fifth time that you repeated your main arguments or proofs, and when you have to use a variety of words in the body sections, it is a good idea to use some of  the original language paper writer used in the introduction.

It will create a certain emotional effect, which will not only make a successful conclusion, but also make the arguments you mentioned twice, more convincing.

Having done all of these  stages, the last element –  the last sentence in your essay, must sound as  the “global statement” or “call to action” that will provide your listeners with  the signals that the discussion ends, and provokes them to action or reflection.