How to edit an essay on Microsoft Word

Did you finish your college work writing? Fine! Are you sure that you are not so far from the ideal? However, you should note: this is your college paper. It requires a special approach.

There is always room for perfection! It is always possible to make your manuscript better. Are you interested in how to edit an essay on Microsoft Word? Of course, you are. Well, the first step requires distancing from your essay. It is a nice tactics, as it will help you get a fresh look at its random imperfections and mistakes.

However, do not get stuck with reading and re-reading. Remember, as a student, you have great many things to do and not much time to improve each sentence. Consequently, adopt effective editing practice. Here are perfect ways to do a correction of your college work in a right way:

Begin with the most extensive questions

Do not go on correcting lapses and spelling mistakes, if you still need to focus on the logical organization of your college or academic paper. Therefore, before you rewrite your essay, stick to these important recommendations:

  1. Improve the logical organization. Confirm that your manuscript has an introduction, conclusion and a few points.

  2. Look through the introduction and conclusion. Review the introduction and the final part. Note: the main task of the introduction is to catch attention and represent the main issue. In conclusion, you should summarize briefly the contents of your college work and make your project complete.
  3. Reconsider your thesis. Read the last sentence of your introduction. Note: your statement of the thesis should be here. Does this look like the logical center of the entire work? Does the rest of your manuscript meets the requirements that you outlined in your thesis?
  4. Write transitions between sections of your essay.

Tips how to edit an essay on Microsoft Word

Begin the editing of your essay. The text editor is a great starting point for this purpose. Find below several tips on editing.

  1. Working in Microsoft Word, use the function “track changes” (review). This will highlight mistakes without destroying the original text.

  2. Consider the Microsoft Word suggestions. Red color underlining means problems with grammar or spelling, while green ones show mistakes in punctuation. However, do not rely too much on your editor. Sometimes it can fix it well, but sometimes you can make gross mistakes.

  3. Use the “Search” option. Confirm that you use the same option for some word under question. Consequently, use the Ctrl + F combination to study the work and replace each incorrect word, if it is required.

  4. Eliminate unnecessary spaces.

  5. Correct the most common mistakes.

  6. Create a list of your most common mistakes. It will help you to avoid repeating them in your next works.

Nota bene! Distant from your work before the test begins. This will help to see mistakes faster and correct them. Of course, checking the written essay can be discouraging, but if you use the tips above, this task will become easier and help make your scientific work much better.

We wish you academic excellence!